Beliefs and Platform

Beliefs and Platform

I believe in God, family, and country.

Education is the key to improving our economy.I recently conferred with business and community leaders from the East Orlando Chamber at the Visioning Event at Valencia College, where I teach Communication courses. I plan to take many suggestions for improving the economy to Tallahassee

I have been aggressively working with the community to expand the Economy for many years. I had many discussions with Chamber of Commerce leaders, public officials, union representatives, college administrators, professors, and college students.

I also strongly believe in Ethics in Government. We must have integrity in all transactions while serving in public office.The Florida voters must trust their Representative.

Elected officials are public servants, not Royalty!





  • The Economy: My primary interest is improving the Central Florida Economy. I’m thrilled to see to the revitalization of the Space Program. I’m also enthusiastic about the expansion of Innovation Way in East Orange County along with the Medical Community. I’m the only State House 50 candidate who is actively involved with both the Titusville and East Orlando Chambers of Commerce. I have interviewed District 50 business owners who often complain about burdensome regulations. Thus, my primary goal in Tallahassee will be to work with the business community in reducing regulations. Many FL House District 50 residents believe that I’m the most qualified FL House District 50 candidate to jumpstart the Central Florida Economy because of my unique background in both Education and Business.
  • Technical Schools, College Internships, and expansion of the Entrepreneur Training Center based in Orlando are part of my Education plan to provide high-paying Careers and Business Opportunities. I’m interested in expanding College Internship Partnerships with local Hi-Tech companies. I’m also interested in expanding Technical Schools. Some students may prefer a Technical Education that enables them to enter the hi-tech job market after high school. One new Satellite company that opened recently for business on the Space Coast will bring 250 high paying jobs to the Space Coast! I’m proud to have been awarded the Counseling for Veterans Certificate in Titusville. Veteran Education will have a high priority when I’m in Tallahassee. I’m the only State House District 50 candidate who served in our military.
  • FL House District 50 residents must trust their Representative! I believe in Open Government. My opponent has stated that he prefers conferring with Legislators in secrecy. I have been on the forefront supporting Campaign Finance Reform. Political Committees must have financial limitations and Accountability. Your Representative should represent their constituents, not the Special Interest. I support Come Clean Florida that details on their website a plan to reform Campaign Finance. Without Ethics, our Corporate and Political way of Life is like a House of Cards